What you need to know about concerns over Facebook’s Messenger app

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Watch above: Here’s what you need to know about Facebook’s new messenger app. Sean O’Shea reports. 

TORONTO – If Facebook’s controversial emotion manipulation study didn’t have you up in arms about the site’s privacy practices, then perhaps concerns surrounding the social network’s Messenger app will.

Over the past week, an article citing the invasive permissions listed in the Facebook Messenger app’s Terms of Service started going viral.

Though the article – written by marketing expert Sam Fiorella for Huffington Post – was published in 2013, its revelations spread like wild fire recently due to Facebook’s announcement that all users will be forced to download the standalone app if they wish to send and receive private messages on their mobile devices.

But the app requests a number of “insidious” (in Fiorella’s words) permissions, including the power to make phone calls and send text messages without the user knowing.

Here are some…

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LinkedIn Job Search App for iPhone

Introducing the New LinkedIn Job Search App for iPhone via www.rosied.ca

Did you know that applicants who apply to job opportunities on the first day they’re posted are 10% more likely to land the job? That means that if you are an active job seeker, your job search can’t stop just because you’ve stepped away from your desk.

On June 19, 2014, LinkedIn announced the new LinkedIn Job Search app for iPhone which provides a one-stop shop for your job seeking needs. LinkedIn Job Search gives you all the tools you need to easily find your dream job – or let it find you.

Quickly find job opportunities wherever you want with location-based search. Get automatic recommendations and notifications based on your searches. Apply with your LinkedIn profile with just a couple taps. And do it all in total privacy, knowing your LinkedIn network won’t be notified. Continue reading

Mug shot of ‘hot felon’ Jeremy Meeks goes viral

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Mug shot of ‘hot felon’ Jeremy Meeks goes viralWomen going wild are over a convicted felon. The mug shot of#JeremyMeeks going viral. More than 71,000 likes and 8,800 shares since his “sexy” mug shot was posted on the Stockton Police Department Facebook page on Wednesday following his arrest. But should it?

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WATCH: While Jeremy Meeks sits in jail on serious felony weapons charges, he’s gaining a serious fan base just on his looks

SAN FRANCISCO – A handsome mug shot of a Northern California man arrested on felony weapons charges has gone viral on social media.

Jeremy Meeks’s photo has attracted more than 45,000 “likes” on Facebook, and is drawing comments praising his high cheek bones, chiselled face and striking blue eyes.

The 30-year-old was arrested Wednesday on five weapons charges and one gang charge.

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The Stockton Police Department says no previous arrest photo has garnered so much positive attention since it set up the Facebook page more than two years ago.

Some comments from Facebook users include “Damn those eyes,” and “Oh my god he can rob my house and assault me anytime.”

A police spokesman called Meeks…

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How To Create Perfect Posts: Version 5 [Infographic]

How To Create Perfect Posts: Version 5 [Infographic] via www.rosied.ca


“When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

I often have clients ask how they can link their Facebook and Twitter accounts. In my opinion, I strongly suggest not to. The reason is because each social media platform has their own unique audience and culture. (READ Brett Heitz article: Why You Shouldn’t Link Your Company’s Facebook Account to Twitter)

I understand how posting to social media can be time consuming. I’m with you on that one. A better option is to use a social media management tool, such as Hootsuite. (READ my blog post: Quick Start Guide to Using HootSuite) Continue reading