Meet Digout Business Solutions 

Rosie Digout, a.k.a. Digout Business Solutions

Hi there, I’m Rosie Digout, a seasoned digital branding manager, and I love what I do!

I started using social media for business before it was even a buzzword. I’ve been communicating with people since the 90’s, when I first discovered chat rooms. I’ve been a moderator of many online discussion forums and since then have been immersed in social media.

Rosie Digout, Founder/Owner, Digout Business Solutions

Rosie Digout, Founder/Owner, Digout Business Solutions


I would love to help you understand what social media is and how it can enhance and grow your business. My passion is to help others use digital technology to:

  • Develop and implement  a social media strategy
  • Create and promote better content
  • And most importantly engage and develop meaningful relationships with your community members

I have more than 6 years experience in social media, program and project management, staff training and development, budget planning, sales and marketing, customer service, and economic/business development.

Click here to see my portfolio. And if that’s not enough, Google my name “Rosie Digout” and you’ll have plenty to read about!

Sound like a good fit? Contact me to find out how I can help you and your business.

P.S. Be sure to follow my blog for up-to-date information on internet marketing and best practices for social media.

~ Rosie Digout

Work Experience Specialties

  • Experience growing online fan/follower bases and engagement
  • Experience in goal setting, strategy, monitoring and execution
  • Strong knowledge of media monitoring, research and analysis, online measurement and report generation
  • Exceptional communications skills: writing, editing, interpersonal, presentation

Why Choose Digout Business Solutions (DBS)

By utilizing today’s technology, Digout Business Solution (DBS) is able to provide business support to its clients. DBS is MORE than just an assistant. DBS partners with its clients, learning their business and provide the professional support that businesses needs in order to succeed. DBS approach is to get to know your business and what you’re hoping to achieve from social media marketing. Each consultation and services provided will be designed meet your needs and not a “cookie cutter” marketing  template.



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